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Bys Vyken Designs

At Bys Vyken Events & Cornish Trails we like to provide the unique. Our race number designs are just as epic as our medals themselves. Our medals aren't just something because the runner has completed the event. They are also a massive 'thank you' for making the time, putting in the effort and spending their hard earned  money, not to mention giving their trust for our events. 
 So with that being said, we set out to create something different with meaning to the event itself. Each medal tells a story of the event and the history and heritage behind it, whilst keeping it fun at the same time. We do the same with our race numbers. Why settle for the generic when you can stand out? 
 Bys Vyken Events are now offering a service to design your medals, race numbers and promotional materials, ie multifunctional headwear/hats/etc. We can even get them ordered for you and shipped to us ready to be delivered to you. Alternatively you can just settle on a design ready to order yourself so you can cut out the middle man. We can print your running numbers after designing them. The only thing that we can't currently do is chip timing. Bibs that require chips will have to be purchased from another business. We can still design them for you though. 
 We aim to keep our design fees and printing as low as we possibly can for you. We can even send you samples of our own race numbers and medals