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Discover the heritage... 

"The Cadgwith Keeper 132"

Virtual Event


Welcome to “The Cadgwith Keeper 132”. This event is based on 3 different challenges spanning the 10 weeks between Saturday 13th March 2021 and Saturday 22nd May 2021. The challenges are explained in the 30 page extensive event guide.

We were compelled to help an issue that is ever-present in Cornwall: Tourism replacing or shrinking cultural industry. We watched (like millions of people in the country) a programme on the BBC titled, “Cornwall: This Fishing Life”. One of the episodes were about Cadgwith Cove on The Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall. The much needed and used fishing lofts are up for sale. The fishermen of Cadgwith rely on these lofts to be able to work. It’s really as simple as that. If funds are not met to save these then developers would turn this cove into a holiday paradise for holidaymakers who would never be able to actually see the fishing boats that they would have replaced.

You can read more in this guide about “The Cadgwith Fishing Cove Trust” and their incredible fund that we’re hoping to add a little something to. 

50% of every one of your entries into this event will go to this trust. Read on to learn more about theirs and our objectives.

So then, the 3 challenges:

1/ Run 132 miles in as many or as little activities as you like within the timeframe. This is 1 mile for every lighthouse chosen for the challenge by the Race Director (active and inactive) in England. The Race Director is a member of the ALK (Association of Lighthouse Keepers so it’s only fitting that with The Lizard Lighthouse less than 2 miles from the cove, that the theme be lighthouses)

2/ Run DOUBLE collective elevation/height of the total combined height (some focal height and some tower height dependant on if their active or inactive) of all the chosen lighthouses in England. This is 25,000ft rounded down to the nearest 1,000ft.

3/ Challenge yourself to both!

Whichever one you’re taking on, we wish you all the luck in the world too guide you like a beacon to the finish line.

"The Cadgwith Keeper 132" - March - May 2021

We thank all of you for taking part in this virtual event to raise money for the Cadgwith Fishing Cove Trust Fund. Together we've raised £1,585!