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8,210.86 Virtual 'Frequent Flyer Miles' flown so far 

'Apollo Clyde' would be over the moon to see you all challenge yourselves by running or walking 50 or 100 miles. So much in fact that he's actually gone to the moon to celebrate his very first virtual challenge! 
In a time where we've witnessed the historic launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule, along with the 50th anniversary of NASA's "successful failure" that was the Apollo 13 mission, it seems like a great time for Clydey to travel to Earth's one and only moon. 

The rules of these challenges are very simple:
Enter the 50 or 100 mile challenge and complete it in 1 or more attempt. For example, 5 x 10 mile runs or 10 x 10 mile runs. You can split this into any dividing parts as you like or smash it in just one single outing. 
Perhaps you've been training for your first 50 or 100 mile race and now it's been postponed/cancelled. Well now you can put your training to amazing use.
All runners/walkers have no set time limit to complete this challenge. It's just about getting out, reaching for the stars and achieving the impossible. 

Did you know, Professional, military, and commercial astronauts who travel above an altitude of 50 miles (80 km) are awarded their astronaut wings? Follow us til the edge of space and earn yours now!

Included in your entry:

Bespoke 'Dark Clyde of the Moon' medal and ribbon
'Apollo Clyde' signed art card.
"Congratulations on earning your astronaut wings'" Certificate with your name on it.
An invite to the group chat where you can share all of your training plans and runs. 

All data must be posted on the group chat or emailed.

No drop downs or step ups on distance so carefully think about the distance before you make your choice, but remember that you have as much time as it takes.