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Q. Can I transfer or defer my place for any reason?

A. Yes you can, so long as it's before 21 days (3 weeks) from race day, unless otherwise stated by the race director/ event organiser. No transfer requests or deferrals will be accepted or acknowledged after this period. The rules are clearly stated in the terms which you need to read.

Q. I've emailed Rider HQ about my entry. Nobody is returning my email. Why?

A. We don't work for Rider HQ. They don't work for us. They are our entry system company ONLY! This means that they do not organise our events, don't do a single percentage of our admin and do not know the answers to your question. Email us directly because they can take days to forward your email, and by then it's too late.

Q. Can you put me on the wait list?

A. NO! If you are too lazy to do it yourself then we will not be doing it for you. It takes up unnecessary time on unnecessary admin. All you have to do is enter the normal way, click on 'Join Wait List' and enter your email address. You will get an invite if a place comes up. Failure to take the invite up and it gets passed to somebody else. You have 24 hours to redeem your invite. Check your email inbox and spam/junk folders. If you didn't get it then you didn't enter your email address correctly.

Q. Can I have a refund?

A. No refunds are given at any time for any reason. The moment you enter, your money begins to be spent on the race you've chosen to enter. You can defer your entry to next year's event or sell your place privately, but we will need tobe aware of the new runner and all of their details.

Q. What kind of jacket would you recommend for taped seams?

A. Well it's like a normal jacket without seams, but with seams that are actually taped.

Q. Can I walk this event?

A. No. The answer is always no. There is however a 'Long Distance Walkers Association'. Perhaps you'd like to check those guys out. Several times we've had peole that think they can walk the whole thing. This can sometimes put event crew in danger in bad weather. 

Q. Can I run with a dog?

A. Yes, but only on the events where it's clearly stated in the race literature. If you can't see it then the answer is probably no.

Q. Do you do age category prizes?

A. No, we do 1st, 2nd, 3rd Male and Female. We also do 1st canicross runner and 1st dog where running with your dog is allowed. We even give out spot prizes and design epic medals original to only us. Hopefully that's enough. Besides, it's pointless celebrating a win when you're the only person in your age cat! That's not called "Winning". That's called "Default".

Q. Is it okay to use poles on the route?

A. We don't have a pole ban.

Q. Are headphones allowed?

A. Only if stated in the race info. Please check the race literature or directly with us. Failure to comply with rules can and will lead to disqualification.

Q. Do you have GPX files of the routes?

A. We have Strava routes that have been created or recorded which are available to view on the event pages themselves. You also get a map at some of our events. Running however, used to be about looking at the amazing scenery and being at one with the passion for running. Unfortunately it's now about looking at a device with your head down.

Q. Will there be a bag drop?

A. Yes. If it's an A to B race there will also be bag transportation too. This is all at your own risk and will ultimately be your responsibility. You are provided labels at registration. Again, it's your responsibility. These bag drop conditions may vary during the pandemic era.

Q. Where is registration?

A. Read the pre event information.

Q. Why don't I have the pre event info?

A. It's probably in your junk/spam email or you entered with the wrong email address. It's important that you actually spell your own email address correctly. I am not a magician that knows all of your personal information. I cannot pull your correct email address from my ass. If you don't even know it then what chance do we have?

You'll need to edit your details to the correct ones. If you entered somebody else or somebody else entered you then one of you will have the email. Some of you like to reply to the email to tell us you've not received it. Please be patient whilst we slap our hands on our heads before not actually bothering to respond to such a level of stupidity. 

Q. Where is best for spectators on the course?

A. I'm not your crew. I only know where is best for runners. Your spectators are not our responsibility. The are your duty of care and not ours. 

Q. Road or trail shoes?

A. Think about the terrain that the race is being held on. If it's road then it's road. If it's trail then it's trail. If it's a mix then you may get away with a cross shoe.

Q. May I have somebody pick my number up for me?

A. There are always ID checks. If you aren't who you're actually supposed to be then you can do one and run somebody else's event, instead of trying to make an idiot out of us by lying to run in somebody else's place. Think of the medical consequences if you fell. Who would we contact if we didn't actually know who you were? What medical information would we have on our race files about you? None.

Q. Will there be any hot food at checkpoints on the coast path?

A. If you can find a plug socket on top the exposed cliffs then it's a possibility. We will have hot food of all dietary requirements at the end of a race, but only when it's stated out on the course. This may not be at every event.  We do our best to provide as much as we can out on course. The bulk of our events are coastal races held in many different weather systems. As much as we like to be able to make sure you're looked after, we certainly don't coddle you and hold your hand every 400 metres. We don't host parties out on course that resemble that epic buffet at your Aunt Doris' wake. If you've never trained with the food out on the course then don't race with it. 

Q. What are the age limits of the events?

A. All age limits are stated on all individual race literature, in the terms and within the Association of Running Clubs rules and regulations (these are guide lines that we work from but not necessarily the ages that we accept, ie the rules may say '16 minimum' . We're more likely to say '18' or '21'. Check with our race literature and the rules listed on our races and on the ARC (Association of Running Clubs) website