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               Happy New Year

"Honeybunny" 10K & Half Marathon

Run or walk a 10K or a half marathon any day this February 2021 to earn your bespoke Harry and Harriet medal of love. We encourage runners and walkers alike to get out with their partners or a friend (as long as they are in your COVID-compliant and secure bubble) to celebrate Valentines, love, friendship and the support you give to one another. Of course, you can also do the event by yourself. You're not obliged to run with anyone to get the bling. 
Harry and Harriet are the hoppiest bunny couple around and they want to share the love by giving you a special event and a fabulous target to aim for. 
All you have to do is share a photo of yourself wearing your bib, along with a screenshot or link to your data to qualify for a memento. You'll recieve your bib number via email. 

Remember, everybunny needs somebunny to love...