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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was applied from 25 May 2018, when it superseded the UK Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). Significant and wide-reaching in scope, the new law brings a 21st century approach to data protection. It expands the rights of individuals to control how their personal data is collected and processed, and places a range of new obligations on organisations to be more accountable for data protection.

Upon entering one of our events we will ask for your email address, home address, phone number, D.O.B and your emergency contact details including next of kin information. This information is stored on our entry system's (RIDER HQ) database. RIDER HQ and ourselves have access to this information. We use this information for your safety, to confirm who you say you are in the event of attempting to swap entries without going through us and so we can check on entries and errors. We can also use the information upon your own request to check that your information on our systems are correct.

We will never give your information to anybody. Bys Vyken Events & Cornish Trails will only use your information for the purpose of the event in which you have entered and to promote future or current events. We will also use your emails to send out pre-event information and also review reminders. We will never send you junk or advertisements or share any of your details or sensitive information without your consent. In terms of photos being used on our social media platforms, website and for any and all promotional purposes, once you've entered into a race you are also entering into an agreement with us to have them used we feel we want to. To have any and all photos of yourself removed, please contact us and we will get them removed as soon as possible.

We comply with The Data Protection Act 2018

You are fully entitled to request any and all details on the information about you which we have stored.

All requests must be made in writing to:

Bys Vyken Events & Cornish Trails

18 Hayle Terrace



TR27 4BT

Alternatively you can email us at [email protected]