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Beat the COVID - 19 isolation by earning yourself one of our previous medals. running virtually, near to home or on a treadmill! 
Just because the UK is on lockdown doesn't mean your health and wellbeing has to be too. Keep the motivation and choose your medal now. 
You'll be emailed a bespoke running number that will be assigned to you upon your challenge. 
Run, walk or crawl 10KM (6.26 miles), send your data and a photo of you wearing your unique number to qualify for being a sent some bling. 
Perhaps you're missing one from your collection or just need an excuse to get out in these times of utter bullshit. 
Don't let your motivation take a dip. Sign up for this challenge for just £6!
Run for yourself.
Run for your wellbeing.
Run to keep the faith.
Most importantly, run to ease the insanity ahead.
This is 'Virtual Insanity'

Previous medals are:

Cousin Jack III
Cousin Jack IV
Cousin Jack V (2020 Newest Edition - Extra £1 to cover postage)

Fordh Sen Mighal IV
St Eval Marathon & 1/2 (Large & Small medals) (Lge SOLD OUT)
Smuggler's Scuttler III 
3:10 to St Ives (Sheriff Badge) (SOLD OUT)
"I'm a Special Snowflake" Medal

All medals will be packaged in our biohazard wrapping paper. 

Cousin Jack IV (CJC4)

Cousin Jack III (CJC3)

Smuggler's Scuttler III

Fordh Sen Mighal IV (FSM4)

St Eval

3:10 to St Ives (Sheriff Badge)

Cousin Jack Classic V (CJC5)