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               Happy New Year


Beat the COVID - 19 isolation by earning yourself one of our previous medals. running virtually, near to home or on a treadmill! 
Just because the UK is on lockdown doesn't mean your health and wellbeing has to be too. Keep the motivation and choose your medal now. 
You'll be emailed a bespoke running number that will be assigned to you upon your challenge. 
Run, walk or crawl 10KM (6.26 miles), send your data and a photo of you wearing your unique number to qualify for being a sent some bling. 
Perhaps you're missing one from your collection or just need an excuse to get out in these times of utter bullshit. 
Don't let your motivation take a dip. Sign up for this challenge for just £6!
Run for yourself.
Run for your wellbeing.
Run to keep the faith.
Most importantly, run to ease the insanity ahead.
This is 'Virtual Insanity'

Previous medals are:

Cousin Jack III (Medals Available)
Cousin Jack IV (SOLD OUT)
Cousin Jack V  (Medals Available)

Fordh Sen Mighal IV (SOLD OUT)
St Eval Marathon & 1/2  (Only smaller size available)
Smuggler's Scuttler 'Original Aztec Coin Design' (Medals Available)

Smuggler's Scuttler III  (SOLD OUT)
3:10 to St Ives (SOLD OUT) 
Fordh Sen Mighal V (Medals Available)
Laps on Lockdown (Medals Available)
Hopwarts Harry (Medals Available)
3:10 to St Ives (Sheriff Badge) (SOLD OUT)
"I'm a Special Snowflake" Medal (SOLD OUT)
Happy Harry Hop - All funds to The Eve Appeal (SOLD OUT)

All medals will be packaged in our biohazard wrapping paper & posted. 

Cousin Jack IV (CJC4)

Cousin Jack III (CJC3)

Smuggler's Scuttler III

Fordh Sen Mighal IV (FSM4)

St Eval

3:10 to St Ives (Sheriff Badge)

Cousin Jack Classic V (CJC5)


Happy Harry Hop